What is veterinary physiotherapy?


The aim of veterinary physiotherapy is to aid rehabilitation following injury or pain, and to enhance mobility and sporting performance. 

It involves the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal and/or neurological problems in animals. It combines an assessment of the conformation, movement, tissue states, and joint mobility of an animal to provide a tailored treatment and home exercise plan that is individualised for each animal; this comes with a high knowledge of anatomy of the musculoskeletal system and evidence-based treatment methods. Treatment includes manual therapies such as massage and stretching, as well as electrotherapies like H-Wave for use on horses. 

How do I know if my animal needs physiotherapy?

Animal's can't always tell us when they are in pain and they are clever at hiding their discomfort, you may have noticed something as simple as reduced performance or behavioural problems, or perhaps they just aren't their normal selves. Or perhaps they have an obvious lameness or they need rehabilitation before or following surgery. Physiotherapy is also essential in competition animals to prepare them for competition and to improve performance and recovery, just as in human athletes. However, physiotherapy is not just for horses that are injured or in competition; all ridden horses should have regular maintenance appointments to ensure your companion is happy and comfortable under saddle. 

What are the benefits?

Physiotherapy aims to restore normal movement and comfort in the musculoskeletal system where movement may be restricted and/or painful. It also limits the impact of an injury or disease process, such as slowing progression of conditions such as osteoarthritis. Working alongside the veterinarian and other paraprofessionals, physiotherapy optimises the healing process and facilitates a quicker and more successful return to function and performance.

I will be with you and your animal every step of the way throughout the treatment journey and we will reach your goals together.