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Treatments and booking 

Prior to my visit I will take details from you about you, your animal(s), and your veterinary surgeon, as well as asking you to sign my terms and conditions and owner permission form. I will then make contact with your veterinary surgeon to seek consent for treatment via a veterinary consent form before the first appointment. This way I can ensure I have permission from your vet to treat your animal and will be aware of any current or previous medical conditions or injuries in order to provide the best treatment.  Veterinary permission is required prior to treatment as part of The Veterinary Surgery (Exemption) Order 1962, which states "all physiotherapy treatment undertaken must be under veterinary referral", and this applies to any type of musculoskeletal therapist who wants to treat your horse.

Please get in touch and we can discuss all the relevant details; or you can send me an enquiry form to speed up the process!

There is new guidance (found in chapter 19 of the supporting guidance to the Code of Professional Conduct) that clarifies that healthy animals do not require a veterinary referral for maintenance care. This means that veterinary consent does not need to be given for maintenance treatments that are not for the purposes of rehabilitation, such as pre-competition season treatments and general check-ups. However, legally you're veterinary surgeon may still need to be contacted if anything unexpected is found in my assessment where veterinary intervention/discussion is needed. 

Physiotherapy is covered under many insurance policies so it is worth checking with your provider whether you can make a claim for treatment. I please ask that you pay for your appointments upfront, and then claim the money back from your insurance provider directly to your own bank account whenever suits you, for which I can provide a full account statement for you and fill out any forms for you to send them. 

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