Treatment for canines and other species

Please get in touch with me to enquire further about treatment availability for your dog or other animal.


I work part-time at Cotswold Dog Spa based at Hartpury University, as part of a team of veterinary physiotherapists and hydrotherapists treating dogs with a variety of conditions using their hydrotherapy pool, underwater treadmill, and class IV LASER device. 

If you are outside a ~40-mile radius from Cotswold Dog Spa, I would be happy to help! I have my own class 4 LASER therapy device, heat therapy pad, and I provide massage, stretches, mobilisations, home care, and progressive home exercise programs.

I am happy to treat any other small or big furries; including cats, rabbits, and farm animals, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with an enquiry. I am trained to treat any type of animal and my treatment is tailored to each individual.

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