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H-Wave Therapy
(Equine Only)

H-Wave is an electrotherapy machine which combines muscular and neurological stimulation. The H-Wave has a unique waveform which replicates the body's natural nerve signal known as the Hoffman reflex, meaning the waveform is readily accepted by the body and is much more comfortable for the horse than unnatural electric signals such as used in TENS machines, and it also does not cause muscular fatigue.  


The H-Wave impulse enables deep penetration into tissue and shows visible muscle stimulation. This stimulation increases blood flow to the tissue and waste removal, this decreases pain, muscle tightness, trigger points, and swelling. H-Wave therapy is commonly used for horses with painful and tight back muscles due to many reasons such as a poorly fitting saddle, hindlimb lameness, and hock osteoarthritis, but can be used anywhere on the body to reduce healing time for many injuries and improve performance.


As shown in the video, when applied over the lumbar and gluteal region, this also aids gentle mobilisation of the lumbosacral junction and sacroiliac joint. As well as reducing pain and muscular spasm in the region, this creates more flexibility throughout the pelvis and aids the quality of ridden work by improving the ability to lower and tilt the pelvis and get the hind legs underneath the horse.

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